Research Aims

The Sleep-EVAL Research is a scientific program which was launched in 1990

Based on the scarcity of data on Sleep Disorders in the general population, several objectives were set:

Through surveys of the General Population:

  • To document sleep habits and sleep patterns of the general population
  • To describe the sleep disorders of the general
  • population in terms of prevalence, co-morbidity
  • To identify the risk factors of sleep disorders, their association with psychiatric and organic diseases
  • To investigate how sleep disorders are identified and treated
  • To evaluate the Public Health consequences of sleep disorders.

Through clinical studies:

  • To improve the identification criteria of sleep disorders
  • To improve the evaluation and the diagnosis of sleep disorders
  • To improve the evaluation of treatment.

To fulfill these objectives, a new investigation tool was created. This tool was named Sleep-EVAL. It is an expert system, specialized in the field of Sleep Medicine and Psychiatry, able to make diagnoses. Its knowledge of the main organic diseases and pharmacological drugs provides a multitude of information on the way individuals are identified and treated. Consequently, it was allowing the identification of the Public Health needs of the general population.

Sleep-EVAL™, Knowledge Based System for the Diagnosis of Sleep and Mental Disorders. Registration #437699, Copyright Office, Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Ottawa: Industry Canada, 1994. (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Korean, Polish, Swedish, and Chinese versions ©1992-2001, 2002-2010, 2011 MM Ohayon.